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Kitchen Refinishing

The Kitchen of your home is the heart of your home

Where do people gravitate to during family gatherings and holidays at your home? The kitchen right? The kitchen is often the focal point of your home. No matter how much you treasure your living room, entry hall or den, the kitchen seems to be the place where everyone gathers. Around the holiday roast, around the Thanksgiving turkey, birthdays, or Sunday family night… Does your kitchen need a makeover?

cabinets in need of refinishing- Jacksonville Painting Brothers

Are the cabinets showing signs of wear? A scruff mark along the edge of the drawers where the kids don’t use the handles? A chip in the corner of the top cabinet? Or has it just been a long time since the doors have been treated to a coat of stain or paint? The average lifespan of a kitchen surface stain or paint, based on usual use, is approximately 10 years. Has it been more than 10 years since you had anything done to your kitchen cabinets? If so, give us a call for a free, no-obligation estimate of resurfacing your kitchen.

Having your kitchen cabinets replaced can be extremely expensive. The average kitchen could cost nearly ten thousand dollars to have all the cabinets replaced. Having your entire kitchen pulled apart, is extremely time-consuming and disruptive. With Jacksonville Painting Brothers you can keep your cabinets and simply refresh them saving not only time and money but peace of mind.

We can take care of any minor issues your cabinets might have. Chips, loose hinges, change of hardware, etc. Are some of the doors seeming to sag? Don’t worry, we can handle that. Is there a bit of water damage in the bottom cabinet below the sink? Don’t worry, we can handle that. Don’t replace your cabinets, call us first for a free estimate and evaluation of your kitchen.

Our cabinet reservicing is complete. We don’t just throw a coat of paint of your cabinets… it’s all in the prep work. To prepare the cabinets for painting we strip and sand the entire surface taking care to make sure the wood is ready for the paint. We then apply a primer and then the top coats. By doing this we ensure that the paint will stay and not chip, making your home beautiful again for years to come.

If you are looking for a clean, modern look painting your old cabinets is the way to go. Our painted cabinets appear very smooth, hiding the grain of the wood and any imperfections.  

However, If you prefer a more natural, classic look, we can stain your cabinets. Staining your cabinets highlights the natural grain of the wood and offers a more traditional look. We can help you evaluate your cabinets and kitchen giving you all the options, paint, color, stain, color, etc.


Do you have wood cabinets? Keep them!

You may think you have to go with new cabinets, but if you don’t consider this. The old saying goes well with kitchen cabinets as well, “They don’t make them like they used to.” Are your kitchen cabinets made of solid wood? Oak, Pine, Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry? Yup, they don’t make them like that anymore- unless you want to pay a premium price- much more than that ten-thousand estimate mentioned above. Your kitchen cabinets made of solid wood are worth their weight in gold, in our humble opinion. The latest materials being used for kitchen cabinets are plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, and wood veneer… While these materials are good, they simply don’t measure up to the original materials. Let us take a look at your cabinets, we’ll let you know what material was used and we’ll give you an honest evaluation of your best options.

interior in need of repair- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Door chips- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
All in the prep- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Kitchen Island- Painted Gray- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
All in the prep- Taping and preparing- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Taping- and covering- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Gray cabinets- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
White kitchen cabinets- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Gray island complete- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
We take the doors off in the painting- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
When spraying we make sure to cover all areas- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Taping off is important when doing kitchen painting- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
We specialize in kitchen painting- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
White kitchen prep- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
We tape off the entire area around the cabinets before painting- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
The process includes primer- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Tape off the floor, cabinets, etc. Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Removal of the doors- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Kitchen Gray with skylight- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Cabinets need refreshing? Staining? Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Refreshing the kitchen with pure white paint- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
All in the prep work. Tape off all appliances- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Beautiful Gray Kitchen- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
Interior painting of cabinets- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
When staining areas that are not to be stained have to be covered- Jacksonville Painting Brothers
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